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At Social Hackers Academy (SHA), we strive to make companies more competitive worldwide by boosting diversity and inclusion in the tech market.

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What do our graduates study?


In our innovative 7 months programme, SHA students become Full-stack web developers by learning several coding languages and frameworks, acquiring the essential soft skills and developing a final project.

  • Front-end frameworks and languages: Javascript, React, HTML/CSS
  • Back-End framework and languages: NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB
  • Soft Skills: Feedback and teamwork, time management, creativity and critical thinking.
  • Project Based learning with mentoring support

About Us

Social Hackers Academy is an online coding school that supports people in getting employed in the tech industry. Thus far, we have offered hundreds of scholarships to students who belong to vulnerable groups as we believe that access to quality tech education should be available to everyone worldwide. We have run over 18 cohorts while supporting other NGOs to run coding schools in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

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