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How does it work?

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Recruitment Fees

Junior Developers

Graduates that developed industry-level hard skills and soft skills like teamwork, communication and learning agility by completing our career track. 

0 to 2 years of working experience



per placement

Mid-level Developers

Developers that has active working experience and can lead projects and junior developers in the team.

2 to 5 years of working experience



per placement

Senior Developers

Developers that has extensive working experience or extraordinary learning ability and specialization.

5+ years of working experience



per placement

By working with us, your company will:

Solve your tech talent needs

You will be closer to new talents that join the tech market every day, and we guarantee 3 profiles that match your needs in 3 working days.

Boost diversity and inclusion in your teams

Companies that welcome diversity are 1.7x more innovative and are estimated to make 2.3 times higher cash flow per employee.

Reduce the time spent in recruiting and finding talent

Recruiting a junior developer costs on average €12K and takes approximately 42 days.

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